Laugh at la

Laugh At LA is the first in a series of jaw dropping comedy shows featuring stand up comedy and sketches. Todd Bridges hosts this hilarious night of fun. Also featuring Leslie Jones, David Arnold, Kel Mitchell, Debra Wilson and more!

Harlem tigerman

A three year old, 450 pound, Siberian Bengal Tiger named Ming is discovered living on the 5th floor of the Drew Hamilton Apartments in Harlem. After being bitten accidentally his owner, Antoine Yates, faces an exhaustive uphill battle with the courts for his freedom, life possessions, and the return of his tiger, Ming. airing on OKTV @harlemtigerman

Fathers of the sport

AVAILABLE ON VIDEO ON DEMAND, PAY PER VIEW, AND DVD...... Fathers of the Sport is a Feature Documentary which uncovers the colorful and compelling history of legendary playground basketball. Produced by Providence Films and directed by Xavier Mitchell, it chronicles the history and lives of the many "legends" and unsung heroes who dominated playground basketball courts of New York, Philly, DC, and Chicago in the early years....

Ambush Karaoke

American Idol meets Lip Sync Battle/Clash of the Cover Bands: Amateur singers with big voices and big personalities compete for a cash prize of $250,000 and a shot at fame.


D.N.A is a dark and gritty crime and medical drama television series, as though CRIMINAL MINDS and GREY’S ANATOMY had a love child with the personality of HANNIBAL or even MINDHUNTER.


The Voice meets Survivor: Four women DJs from different lifestyles and backgrounds compete for cash, prime gigs, industry connections, and the ultimate prize – a shot at international fame.

The Knock

The Knock is a horror film that takes place during quarantine and plays on our everyday fears.

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