PROVIDENCE FILM GROUP (“PFG”),  a wholly-owned subsidiary of Valiant Eagle, Inc., a publicly traded corporation (PSRU:OTC), is a Los-Angeles-based entertainment production studio whose original and independent Intellectual Property and Filmed Content supplies the multi-billion-dollar motion picture, television and music industries of the world Ever since its establishment in 2000, PFG has been a steady supplier of entertainment to domestic and foreign markets alike. Our first project was a basketball-themed historical documentary entitled Fathers of the Sport (“the Picture”).  
PFG’s foci consist of motion picture production, television production, music video production and commercial production, both online and offline, and the development of new digital entertainment opportunities in an innovative and targeted style. Its product is designed to be marketed and sold to the industry at large, and/or to Valiant Eagle Inc.’s own distribution subsidiary, the Xavier Media Group.

Our production company is based on the collaboration of its movie development and production professionals that intertwines decades of proven tactics with innovative modern strategies, all in service of making filmed entertainment products on par with anything the movie and TV industry can provide.

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21054 Sherman Way #265
Canoga Park, CA 91303

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